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The Planning Process

DThe Planning ProcessC

Ready to get started? Please have a look at all of our Wedding Packages & Services, and then Contact Us to say hello. To create your proposal, we will send you a link to our Wedding Questionnaire to fill out with the details you have decided on so far.

To give you a better idea of the entire planning process, we have drawn up a timeline based on your wedding date. You can print it out using the print link at the bottom of the page.

(>150 days before wedding day)

After you have completed the questionnaire, we will contact you via email to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. Please prepare any questions you may have for us at this time. Near the end of the call we will go through our Deposit Inclusion process, then if you are comfortable with the services we provide, we will send you a written contract along with a request for a deposit. This will confirm your event, and together we will begin planning your wedding.

(90 days before wedding day)

This is where we begin to customize your wedding event by selecting specific levels and types of services. We will review all vendors hired and make updates and changes if needed. We will then send you an updated invoice as well as thorough instructions to purchase your marriage license. An additional 25% deposit is due at this time.

(30 days before wedding day)

It is very common for wedding couples to make event changes. If you require any changes to your agreement, we will make them now and send you a final invoice. A draft of the timeline for your wedding day will be sent to you. A final guest count will be due and all details will be finalized. Final payment for the event will be due at this time.
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